Board results out- Ways to keep self motivated

Board results out- Ways to keep self motivated

Board results are the significant part of a student’s life. Right from our childhood, we are conditioned in a way to give special emphasis upon the board examinations. Parents keep eagerly waiting to hear their wards passing with flying colors. As, it is conventionally believed, these exams literally shape our future. The big day has arrived, when most of the students awaits their results. Results that paved the path towards different achievements and opportunities. However, there is myth that keeps peddling around such examinations. Talent and achievements are not equally proportionate to marks and results. Well, most of us knew the beloved evergreen poet, Rabindranath Tagore couldn’t pass his board exams in one go. Still, his work Gitanjali remains one of the prolifically written masterpiece of all time. It is necessary for the parents along with their students to keep themselves motivated, irrespective of the results. Life is a long journey with unknown destinations. Who knows, what is stored for everyone.

Different ways in which a student can remain motivated throughout the results are as follows-

  • Don’t be serious about what people say- “Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam Hain kehna”, the famous Rajesh Khanna song from film Amar Prem, fits apt with this situation. Listening to negative comments of people around are responsible for draining out of positive energy one possesses. It is better to avoid and gracefully accept the situation. Journey has a destination but hard work doesn’t. Keep working hard and rest all will be fine.


  • Comparison is a curse- There lies a very thin line of difference between comparison and competition. A competitive mind is a boon for success whereas single comparison can deviate a sound mind. Comparison not only demotivates but also have severe impact in the psychological balance of a human brain.


  • Choice the options wisely- Once the results are out, it is very important to make a choice of opportunities wisely. Try to think, and make the best move out of hundreds of opinions around. The decision should lie entirely upon the adaption, adjustment and priority of the student.


  • Be calm and compose- It is important to control the amount of anxieties right after the board results. There is always a life, in fact a better one in coming times. Reassuring and recollecting positive vibes can do wonders when it comes to self-motivation.


  • Seek positive advice from experts- Well, no sooner did the results are out, every Tom, Dick and Harry are there to advice a student. Ranging from what they need to take, or how they need to approach the future academics. A student has every reason to get confused amidst of so many opinions. So, it is advisable for them to seek positive advice from experts. Experts are the ones who can channelize their doubts with proper justification.


  • Give yourself time to recover- Most of the psychologist are of the opinion that, no matter what, a child should allow to recover in accordance with their own space. In order to regain the same enthusiasm, it is very much essential to accept the present and work for the future. Life doesn’t end with bad results. The period of anxiety and pressure can soon be overcome through self-heal and proper recommendations.


“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”



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