yuvraj singh retires from international cricket


Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement from the international cricket from all the formats this Monday. He expressed his decision at a press conference to announce the decision. 


"The 2011 world cup hero played 40 tests 304 odis and 58 t20 for India. He put together1900 runs in the test career and 8701 runs in the one days which he enjoyed the most success. He has given 17 years to the international cricket. The game has taught him how to fight how to fall and to dust off and get up and move forward."


It was said by Yuvraj Singh.   


Yuvraj Singh's highest moment in his life was when he played the 2011 world cup and won it for India. He was the man of the tournamnet. If it was not for Yuvraj Singh then India could not win the world cup. 


He has said about the future plans. He wants to enjoy 2-3 years for now on. But he doesn't want to be pushed into coaching yet. He doesn't want to play IPL. But he is open to other t20 leagues that are held all over the world. 


He also had advice for the young generation that was they need to focus on 4-day cricket. the longer format of the cricket. 

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