One Must Choose People and Actions Wisely

Five boys made a plan to illegally capture a house. One among them was studious and innocent. The boys convinced him to join them as they said that the owner is a landlord and it won't be a great deal for him apart from this, he would get room to study. Although he decided to pay back the money after he gets a job. On the day of execution of their plan, they took a gun with an intention to threaten the family. The boy stopped them but again he was convinced by his friends. Five of them went to the house and threatened them to transfer the property. But the owner refused them. One of the boys shot him and the owner died on the spot. Later on, all were arrested and charged for murder read with Section 34 of I.P.C which made all of them liable for the act as if they murdered him alone.


They argue that they were having no intention to kill the owner. They didn't plan to kill anyone. They were having a common intention to get the property. So they must be punished for it, not for murder. But the Court held them guilty and said that if you were having common intention to get the possession of the property and carried the gun. Then all of you were aware that any circumstances may arise and its consequences could be anything. If you were having no intention then why have you carried the gun? The studious boy was participating in the plan because of the poverty and circumstances which weren't favorable. Although he took the wrong path he never intended to kill someone. But he was punished for something he never did, not even intend to do. He remains to ask everyone " Why am I held liable for the act I never did?" But the question remains unanswered because he was held jointly liable for the actions performed by his friend.


So, what can we learn from this? 

Moral: One must choose people and actions wisely because the consequences can devastate you.




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