Aishwarya Rai- fashion queen and her gown was reddish with red lipstick

Aishwarya Rai,  a famous actress, who is dressed as a Bella. She was called for the photoshoot and was dressed up lavishly. 

Her gown was reddish with red lipstick and standing near the gate. She looks gorgeous along with blue eyes. Nowadays the fashion is to be in a gown which has a bird feather below the gown and love to show off in the open air. 

She attends the Cannes show and was dressed in a long blue gown like Cinderella along with blue eye shadow. She looks lavish when walking the step in Cannes show. Unfortunately Aradhaya, her daughter couldn't attend the Cannes show. She rocks with her unique style and will go a long way. She is probably one of the hottest all over the world and will definitely reach the most searched engine on the google website. She will reach the height of being the most powerful women in the world. Her daughter Aradhya will follow her footstep as she is also a member of the most powerful family. 


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