Types Of Business

Business. *There is a many type of business* 1) Barter system Business. 2) Traditional market Buisness 3) Network Marketing Buisness. 1)Many years ago Barter system was carried on e.g. If rice was given to a person than the person has to give something to the another such as animals. And This is called barter system buisness. 2) Traditional business means there is a lot of middle man between manufratur nd customer like Agent , Wholesaler and Retailer mean any product manufacturing cost is RS.40 and it comes to customer for RS.100. So customer have to pay 60% extra in that more expenses including advertisement. 3) Network Marketing (MLM) buisness MLM Buisness is most powerful buisness in the world in foriegn country from 80yrs but in India last 20-25 yrs it has been working . In every business alot of investments has to be done where as profit and loss is one of the biggest fear. But in MLM buisness there is no risk , no investment, no loss. In MLM many types of income get. If anybody want *passive income , financial freedom nd time freedom* then do only *Indian* based network too.

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