Small business for beginners 2019

Small business for beginners

1. FOOD TRUCK -  Selling food by using truck can be a good way to sell more food by knowing at which place there is more crowd and food can be sold out. And can change the place simply by moving the truck.


2. ONLINE TRAINING - As due to lack of time everyone nowadays prefers online learning because it not only saves the time but it also saves you from traveling all you have to do in online training is to sit at your home and just watch. So if you are the best instructor then you can start your business as an online trainer.


3. COFFEE SHOP - Many people's mouth start water seeing coffee, like tea lovers, there are many of them love coffee so it can do some profit for you.


4. BAKERY -  As cakes and bakery items are consumed by many people anyone can start their own bakery and sell cakes and much other stuff that can attract people.


5. COOKING CLASSES - As many girls of this generation due to studies and all don't give so much attention towards cooking this can be the class girls will surely join in their life span.


6. WEB DESIGN - You can make you own websites and sale it to companies that require the perfect layout.


7. HOME DECOR - Are your wall all dull and need some texture or feel that all your furniture is not at all set at a perfect place then here is a home decor who will help you out. So you can start with this business if you have a creative mind


8. CONTENT CREATION - Many companies always need a content writer for the writing the contents or you can start your own blog and post blogs and make it famous.


9. MAKEUP ARTIST - However the technology goes ahead a makeup artist will always be in the need as many people opt makeup in weddings and all other family functions.


10. APP DEVELOPMENT - As all company from small to big, institutes and everyone has an app today and always want someone to create for them so you have the a great opportunity to help them all you have to do is develop an app and sell it to them at your own rate.



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