The Maruti Suzuki is looking to increase the market share in the middle part of the SUV

South Africa's largest automotive manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki India (MSI), is looking at "some action" in the middle of the SUV segment to tighten its market share vertically to boost the company's current levels by 50 per cent in ongoing PV sales, according to a senior company official. Currently, the central part of the SUV is owned by Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos in the country.

MSI is present in the S-Cross section, but the model has failed to obtain large auto-value values.
"In the midst of the SUV, our market share is similarly low, although Vitara Brezza influences the entry-SUV segment. In the SUV seat, we have the S-Cross, which we recently launched with a new engine in August.

"Also, I think it has given us a low level of statistics so far, which we expect to grow in the following years," said MSI (Marketing and Sales) CEO Shashank Srivastava in a commentator's phone.
He recorded that the organisation is looking at space carefully.

"Therefore, accurate, we're running to have a stock plan, though I'm restrained. I can't talk about a future product plan at that stage.

"Although yes, we understand the truth, and we are watching at this part very thoroughly.

He acknowledged that the company's total market share in most car parts (MPV) is being deducted from "low" performance in the rapidly growing SUV segment.

"If you look at the entire picture including the SUV (segment), furthermore that's wherever I believe the problem is, our market share is only 13.2 per cent. Although we are the market leader so far, even the entry of the SUV (segment) is worrying," noted Srivastava.

He also added that in the middle of the SUV, S-Cross performance was high. "That's where our market share is drawn from the MPV category."

He said for the company to maintain a market share of about 50 per cent in the domestic passenger segment, it was essential to have a giant foot in the growing part of the SUV.

He also added that MII is essential in the entry section of the SUV, while the premium SUV remains small. "Therefore, the focus area is on the SUVs."

In 2020-21, the market share of MSI in the passenger car segment (PV) was around 51 per cent.
Commenting on the automaker's performance in rural areas, Srivastava said that from about 38.5 per cent of shares in total sales over the past year, it has risen to 41 per cent.

Srivastava added that it looks like the domestic market will continue to see growth. This results in the sowing of the Khalif, and the rabbi plant is perfect, and the rain is expected to be close to normal, he added.

Elaborating further, MI's Chief Financial Officer Ajay Seth said the total contribution to sales from non-urban markets has increased by 2.5% by 2020-21.

"Over the year, consumer information has also undergone some changes. Driven by the growing demand for personal mobility, consumer participation for the first time has increased.

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