5 Steps to Launch Your First Product


Launching your first product can be an exciting time. You’re full of enthusiasm and want to get it out there to customers as soon as possible. The problem is that this is a time when many people make mistakes as they are in too much of a rush.

These mistakes can mean your product doesn’t have the impact it should have done. Here we look at the first steps you should take.

1. Set a deadline

If you plan on launching a product then it’s a great idea to set a date on which to do so. This will help focus minds and make sure everyone achieves the goal. Setting a deadline will also help you plan better for the future and tick off everything you need to do.

There is another significant benefit to setting a deadline as well. It helps to get potential customers excited. You can create a buzz about your launch day and increase the anticipation. This will help with your marketing strategy which brings us to the next point.

2. Have a marketing strategy

You need to have a marketing strategy. Even if you have the best product or service in the world, you're going to struggle if no one knows about it. For a local business, this can often mean spreading it via word of mouth, advertising in local press, or even on local radio.

Personal marketing can be great too as you can use a free tool such as businesscards.co and explain your product to anyone you meet and give them your business card for further details. The same applies to leaflets which you can make with Canva and just drop them through people’s letterbox.

Whatever method you use, you’ll need to have a strategy in place. Make sure to focus on the demographic you’ll be targeting and plan well in advance of your launch day.

3. Research

Market research is vital in ensuring that your product launch goes well. This covers all areas as failure to research can affect your marketing and sales or even the product itself. You need to know that there is a need for what you’re selling and that you are targeting those people.

This research can be done in various ways such as surveys, looking at what competitors are doing, or getting verbal feedback from potential clients. Solid research will give you plenty of confidence when it comes to launch day.

4. Test it

Whatever you’re selling, test it. Everyone’s tastes are different and just because you’re in love with your product, it doesn’t mean that others will be. For example, you may be deciding to make cakes and think they taste perfect but everyone else may think they are a little too sweet.

Without testing, you’re taking a huge risk that your product could be a huge failure. You may have overlooked something important or it could be something as simple as a typing error. Before a full launch, get your product out there to family and friends so they can test it out.

5. Create interest

When you’ve ticked off all of the above boxes, you need to generate some interest in your product and this can be done in a variety of different ways. One of those is giving potential customers a sample or trial of the full product. If they enjoy it, they’ll be ready to buy the full version at launch.

You may also have offers such as an early bird discount, a giveaway, or a reduction for the first one hundred customers. This will help with your marketing strategy and it will create a buzz around your product which you need before launch day. 


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