Backpackers Tips and Hacks

Backpackers are independent travelers full of energy and passion for traveling. They are the "get up and go" kind of person so they need some hacks to maintain their energy. Sir Brian Appleton well said that safety is not an intellectual exercise to keep up in work but it is a matter of life and death.


Taking this quotation seriously, there are some tips and hacks for the free soul-

1. Real-time info from fellow backpackers: Try to get information from those who have gone before the place you are going to visit about details of the campsite, water source, solo travel, and discuss your travel plans and get more experience through social App. They can also download apps for traveling buddy.


2. Carry an extra map of trail: Try to carry an extra map while you are visiting. Apart from this, the travel buddy app helps in getting travel buddy which is an edge over all along with you can contact locals and get the most out of it. Travel guide and travel planner is the most important part of Social travel.


3. Carry a "backpackers kit": Backpackers kit is highly known to be just in case kit. As a life of backpacker face a lot of unpredictable moments that need a quick emergency bag. The bag includes essentials like food, a space blanket, a lighter, a compass, multi-tool, small medicate, and other survival equipment for a better social travel experience. Although they don't need to worry about vehicles because Travelling pal takes care of it.


4. Various use for paracord: The Paracord is well known as a parachute cord. These are very strong and reliable for treating and mainly used by backpackers for safe experience. It can be used as cloth line, tent guyline, bear bag rope, shoelace, fishing line, etc. So isn't it better to take one item and use it as an alternative?


5. Protect your water from freezing: Backpackers travel throughout the year and ho through all ups and downs. Although they travel with their travelling friends and they have all kind of app for Travelling (for instance- Travel buddy app, Travelling pal) but they can't get water through any such app. So they need to take proper care. They should carry warmest sleeping bags which should be carried no matter whether they solo travel or social travel. They can get more information about sleeping bags on the travel buddy app.




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