Purpose of Our Living


Life is much more than just living without conscience and imagination. Every time we meet a person, we leave an impression. But the impression is not just what we radiate, there the perception of the receiver plays a very vital role. The one is who is forming our image in their mind depends on their experiences, their environment, their mindset. The mind becomes so pre-occupied with other to-dos of our lives that we forget that our existence has a purpose. Even the tiniest creation of God serves its purpose in the circle of life. As humans, we have developed the ability to think, the ability to predict, sense of judgment, and state of consciousness. We sit in our homes with our problems or achievements, where we keep our focus ideally on the present, what is happening then and there. Which states that we keep our consciousness confined to where we are in the present moment.


We confine ourselves with the little knowledge we have explored about ourselves. For eg - I know I am a good doctor and I am good at science and medicines. But we forget that it is our imagination, creativity, which opens the doors of minds. The identity which we have hardly discovered about ourselves and the world. Education is the part of our lives which makes a person good well being, morale and disciplined. Education and imagination are both co-related. Education provides the knowledge of the world and of day to day life. It teaches us to be a person with a mind and not just a body. Where imagination is a world that is deep inside us. Not everyone has a profound creative imagination. It can be attained but only when we wander and learn with it and through it.


Have you ever revisited a place where your mind has wandered without any real purpose?

Do you let your mind free and sink into something you hardly care for? That might be where you find the purpose of your existence. You tend to discover yourself when you learn about your imaginative powers. In the end, one will only serve what he is made up of. Maybe you hardly know that you are made to paint the skies pink with all the love you have within you. Maybe you are here to make this world a better place to live in. maybe you are born to complete the next verse of the poem and letting people see the world through your writings. Maybe you are here for a small cum big purpose to bring back a smile on a face that has been frowning and shedding tears for ages. You are hope. There are many ways to look at it. But the only thing to communicate through this is maybe we are not dead yet because we haven't served the purpose of our life. Maybe our journey is left. Life has some new plans.





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