How Patience and Success are Inter-related?

No one is born perfect, everyone has their share of flaws and imperfections. Even the mightiest falls and the smartest fail. It is all about accepting ourselves and the timing. It is said that good things take time and its true. Every success takes a lot of dedication and devotion but necessarily patience. Almost each one of us had come to a point in our lives, where we felt lonely, distressed and insufficient and each individual tackles it in their own different ways, but one thing that is most important for each one of us to understand that we need to keep pragmatic approach even after the deepest fall. Majorly, once we are through the crisis, the situation should be a deterrent for our old selves to bring out the better in us.


One cannot control the obstacles coming in a way but can surely alter the attitude towards it for a better comeback. Time, as said is very crucial in life and the right timing for something which decides our coming years. Taking the right steps at the right moment can change our lives. Right things might knock the door any moment and important is how we welcome it. For that particular moment, we have to push ourselves, create ourselves, and better ourselves. It takes time for a caterpillar to evolve into a butterfly, but then it a process. Keeping the process and time in mind one can learn to dodge the unnecessary complications and choose the right path for oneself. Every beautiful thing takes time, it's okay to feel down at times but make sure that when you are through it, you leave everything behind and start again. It's never too late to start. It's a belief which keeps one going forward and then a correct moment of opportunity and here you go!





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