Is Technology a Problem to Generation?

21st century, where almost everything is just a click away from each one of us, things, or resources have become easier to access. It is now just a matter of click and you can connect with your loved ones, no matter how far they might be. Now it is way easier to check on people and how they are doing or whatever, just by checking their social media platforms. Years ago, people used to send letters to communicate, it took about a week or more in the process. Now we are mostly hooked up on our phones, tablets, or laptops for most of the work to be done. It is evidently time savings method and is also giving a new shape to the world we live in, but as said every coin has two sides. Where technology has given tremendous opportunities for the young generation, a bit of it has also somewhere made people less connective and communicative.


It's normal to see teenagers spending all day stick to their phones and laptops, on the other side they hardly realize the importance of outdoor activities and communication with people. They tend to connect less with people around them but with the virtual world of technology. Time, a valuable asset for each human being, but kids hardly know the value of time. They spend hours and hours on the phone with zero productivity. On the other hand, technology has also made each of the aspects of life and work easier than before. It has introduced much more to the new generation like online shopping, e-ticket booking, accessing bank accounts, etc.


It has brought tremendous innovation and development to modern society. It is important to draw a line in everything we do. Excess of anything is harmful. Technology is something that needs to practice in an ethical and proper way for the best use of it. It can become a god and devil by the way people use it.






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