How to Boost Up Confidence?

Certain things that sum up the personality of an individual is his thinking ability, vision towards life, temperament, behavioral approach, confidence, etc. Confidence is the ability to connect with your conscience and feel good about life. Confidence boosts the energy to achieve or do anything in life. A person can only be confident when he knows his subjects. Confidence means being happy about oneself, life, opportunities, etc. Once a person loses his confidence, it is no different than being dead. Elder people or the older generation are more confident than the present one because the present generation gets easily fooled by the showcase of sugar-coated fancy virtual lives.


The age between 15-27 is very crucial, between this age one has to discover their likes, dislikes, opportunities, career options, their compatible and comfortable zones, interests, etc., but between all of this, there are a number of things which may diminish the right direction towards self. Things like continuous criticism, same pattern of life, peer pressure, and even societal or parental pressures. Nowadays people believe in more showing off themselves rather than talking to each other about different things. We are told and taught to be presentable everywhere, so when we meet any person for the first or the second time, their life might look glittery and happening to us, but that is a mere frame of their life, we fail to understand this. Nobody shows the dark phase or talks about it, the same goes for the virtual or say the social world. As a result, we get deeply fascinated by it and start comparing our lives and ourselves with the other person.


Then, we feel small and sometimes our life seems incomparable to theirs. But if we sneak a little more in their real lives, the truth will be astonishing as it is not always what we see. This shows that we have lost the essence of talking, making real friends, and connecting to each other rather, everybody is in the race of faking the gem they hardly possess. So in turn, we start losing our confidence and start feeling low and miserable. Confidence does not always mean winning, confidence comes with continuous learning and loving life. If a mathematician is asked questions about history, he might not be very confident in his answers, because his subject of interest is not history. It is excellent to have basic knowledge about almost everything, but it is also important to focus on your subject of interest and feel confident about it. One can only walk smoothly only when one knows the road better.


Nowadays, it is a trend to follow where the herds go, for eg. The ones who hardly have any interest in watching thriller movies will watch it because it is what everyone else is doing. And if one doesn't understand the plot of the movie, it is obvious that he will feel left out and that is where the confidence is shaken up. The only way to feel good about oneself is knowing oneself better. Before investing in other's thoughts, , opinions, or judgments one should create it of their own. Confidence comes with living and improving their own's life, facing the opportunities, and smiling at the bad days.




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