Why Should We Choose the Right Words?


When words are used wisely, it can build long term and healthy relations otherwise it may put an end to even the blood relations maybe forever. Whenever we speak or talk to someone it reflects our mind, personality, understanding, and our surroundings. Verbal communication and gestures are important as they are the best way to put out our feelings or thoughts in a more simple and clear way. But sometimes in the frame of grief, anger, or guilt words may turn into a weapon which could ruin the purpose of communication.


Choosing the right words at the right time can bring lifetime opportunities in various aspects. More or fewer people have a tendency to take things for granted. It is important to understand the value of words. Words convey our emotions and they are the base of connectivity between people interacting with one another. We often classify people into good ones or bad ones, but on what basis? The very first thing that matters is their tone and words they use. Whenever we interact with people it's the gestures and softness which describe the meaning of the sentence. For eg - any sentence can be said in a generous and kind manner where the same sentence can be delivered in a harsh and loud way too.


Even if our intentions are not wrong but the later way of talking can put a bad impression on people. Intentions are judged later, first judgment is always on your words. When we communicate our feelings to a loved one in a generous and loving way, it automatically creates a warm and healthy relationship between the two, whereas if the same is done in an opposite manner in can destroy the essence of understanding between the two. When we shout or speak harshly, the other person tends to react in the same manner and the meaning of the conversation goes down to zero. Now both the person is left with a bundle of arguments and comebacks. Imagine the next morning you wake up and find the other person you argued with is dead. Would you regret sleeping with those heated arguments between you two? Life is not permanent so be more loving and kind to each other. The only reason is we only live ones and every life matters.





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