Failures are the Stepping Stones to Success

All of us know the story of the king who lost a battle and spent a night in a cave. There, he saw a spider continuously trying to weave its web in spite of the web breaking repeatedly. he spiders ultimately succeeded in weaving the web, and the king, having learned a valuable lesson, went on to regain his kingdom. He had learned to fail.


True failure is when we give up trying. 'Try, try, and try until you succeed' is a famous line that motivates us to overcome obstacles. Of course, no one likes experiencing failure. Failure feels so bad because it directly affects our ego and sense of identity in relation to the world around us. Failure can make us feel ineffective, inadequate, and isolated. But this stage of failure is only temporary and will pass. To grow, we must keep reaching out for these new experiences.


Experiencing failure and overcoming it makes us mentally tougher over time and helps in our mental grooming. A butterfly has to struggle for hours before it can come out of its tight cocoon and take the flight to freedom. The process of struggle makes its wings stronger. What would happen if one would cut the cocoon to help the butterfly come out of it without any struggle/ Then the butterfly will simply not be able to fly since its wings remain underdeveloped. Failures too, make us stronger and help us prepare better for the journey called life and reach our goal of success.


Everyone fails, and not just once or twice, but at different points throughout life. If we remember that failure is just a lesson on making us mentally tougher, we'll realize that everything in life is about learning. You really can't fail at life, but you can teach yourself to learn even more by understanding your own failure and working beyond them.





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