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India is a democratic country. Citizens of India are privileged by equal rights- Right to life and liberty, right to speech, right to expression, etc. Democracy helps the people to communicate with the government without much hindrance, it allows people to have a transparent view towards the law and government doings and intentions. The citizens of India are given liberty to put forward their voice in any case, and the country is run by the people and for the people. Democracy also gives the rights to the citizens to put forward their ideas and views and also the freedom to choose between right and wrong. No one can restrict the voice and the rights of the citizens. Though, it is the habit of human beings to take things for granted whatever comes to them in an easy way. Human rights are equally important but at the same time, drawing a line between right and wrong can not be ignored in any case.


Case of Shubham Mishra v/s Agrima Joshua proves that people forget the line between anger and insanity. I do not take a stand of either of the two, whether Agrima Joshua's words were ethically proper or not is a matter of debate. But in her case, it is not easy to differentiate between wrong speech and the intention of the person. But in either of the case, nobody has the right to abuse, threaten or violate anybody's character or identity What Shubham Mishra did, is the very common problem of the people of India, because just with one ongoing trend on social media people become so ruthless and cruel by someone else's opinion that they overlook their own sense of judgment and wit. After a long gap of two years, we suddenly notice the hate towards this girl Agrima Joshua because she had used some contexts which might have hurt some religious sentiments. It became so inhumane that Religious sentiments overpowered the life and dignity of a person. This girl has been getting rape threats, abuses from every side, this was not enough when this pathetic guy named Shubham Mishra made a disgusting video that got viral on the internet like fire.


This got numerous responses where some were seen opposing his act where some also were encouraging and enjoying the speech. These were the same people who were talking about mental health, bullies of Bollywood, etc. These were the same people demanding justice for Sushant Singh Rajput's murder. It's not been even a month and we all have moved on from his death and lost our senses once again. This proves how fragile and fake the world has become, how a stupid piece of information or a video manipulates our brains and senses. Talking about Shubham Mishra, he is merely a tiny version of Hindustani Bhau. Hindustani Bhau was showered with all the love a few days back on the internet for his hurls, abuses, and naive talks on social media. Hindustani Bhau has a fan base of 3.2 million followers on Instagram, this shows sheer hypocrisy.


Sitting behind the screens and abusing any person, community or a country does not make one a hero, it brings zero difference to the real world. It is important to understand that reality is only here, where we are. Education is the only medium to change the world, virtual world or social media is just a rotten apple wrapped in a glittering sheet. In the end, I only wish and hope that this incident does not repeat itself ever, either with a boy or any girl. Nobody deserves this much hate or abhorrence. It's high time one should learn to respect other's thoughts and even if they cannot then they should learn to contradict them in a respectful and dignified manner.





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