Blogger Of The Month: A Prolific Blogger ‘Ami Bhat’

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.”


This quote undisputedly resonates with the charismatic spirit of a distinguished Travel Blogger Ami Bhat who is the proud digipreneur behind Thrillingtravel’.


Thrillingtravel’ is one of the most contemporary successful travel blogs. This blog takes its readers on phenomenal riveting ‘Virtual Odysseys’. Beaches, Culture, Nature, the travel themes go on to change but what remains intact is a pure ardor of pursuing myriad travel goals.


Meet Ami Bhat, an enthusiastic travel blogger whose travel blog is a true reflection of her zealous travel spirit. This blog is indeed a candid endeavor to urge people to ditch their comfort zone to explore new travel horizons.


Visit to know more about Ami Bhat and to embark on unparalleled virtual touring experience.


Ami Bhat Interview with Hiranshi Mehta

In this interview with Hiranshi Mehta, Ami Bhat shares her interesting journey about how ‘Thrillingtravel’ made it to the top Travel Blogs of the Country.


Please do tell us something about yourself?

Marketing professional, to wife, to mother, to travel blogger, I believe that my sheer determination is on its way to experience the limitless potential of the human being. After the birth of my daughter, I and my husband decided that we will plan out some ‘We’ time by holidaying at least twice a year and making use of all the long weekends. Travelling and Photography, both were my favorite hobbies. There came a moment when I took a much-needed break from my corporate job for 2-3 months. During this time, my hobby ‘Blog’ grew and I decided to turn this hobby into a full-time blog. I would consider myself to be fortunate enough that opportunities began pouring in and I have completed 5 years as a full-time blogger.


Which all the countries you have visited so far and which country you found the most exotic and you would love to visit again?

Well that’ one tricky question. So far, I have visited various continents and countless destinations. Honestly, I cannot zero down to one single place because I am always open to revisiting the same destination. For instance, I revisited Lucknow and I found certain new elements that made me fall in love with this place all over again. Same was the case with the Netherland. During my visit, I found it to be uber refreshing. I must say that there is something so fascinating about the Netherlands, be it the people, culture or the places and I left a lot unseen. It is another place I would love to visit again. In India, I do look forward to revisiting destinations from the Rajasthan, Gujarat, Meghalaya, Andaman and many more. Bhutan is one such worth-mentioning destination that comes across a gorgeous mix of Culture and Nature.


Can you highlight a few of your strengths that helped you in your blogging career?

Photography and Writing are those two strengths that made my blogging career much smooth. Having worked as a marketing professional for almost 15 years, my experience in Digital platforms, SEO, online behavior is something that has helped me reach my blog to my audience.



How would you describe your blogging style?

Perhaps, I can say that my blogging style revolves around the ‘Art of Story-telling’. I do not merely strive to narrate my travel experience in an engaging story-telling style but I also share my suggestions and recommendations on a candid note. To sum up, my blog offers an impeccable opportunity to my readers to experience virtual touring before they get about to planning their own.


What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?

As a travel blogger then I would say that ‘Virtual Touring Experience’ Combined With Your Individual Perspective’ is perhaps the best service according to me that a travel blogger can provide to the esteemed readers. Consider it as reaching out to a friend who has already been to a place that you wish to explore. You tend to ask that friend about the opinion and cherished experiences. Quite like that friend. I share my insight related to the destinations by being vocal about my recommendations and suggestions. However, while doing this, I ensure that my readers become well-equipped with the required knowledge and insight so that they may engage in the process of making well-informed decisions.


Tell me about your proudest achievement?

For me, even the random ‘Thank You Notes’ from my readers are the part of my proudest achievements. It is my readers, who ultimately do matter to me. Their constant support and encouragement have made me achieve many milestones in my life. I have been featured by varied renowned and international websites and publications including ‘Lonely Planet India, Huffingtonpost India’, etc. Also, the fact that people like you are reaching out to me is something that makes me extremely ecstatic.


Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?

It would be unfair to mention one single name. My husband, my friends, my colleagues have always nourished my blogging with their utmost valuable suggestions. The initial tips of blogging came from my colleagues who made me perceive blogging in a whole new different perspective. They saw me initiating my blog and also saw me stumbling. So, I am grateful to all of them.


In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?

I hardly believe in crafting measurable objectives as I believe in going with the flow. However, I would certainly look forward to the time where my blog is reckoned as the most searched Travel Blog.


Would you like to offer a few valuable suggestions to aspiring travel bloggers?

Of course, I would love to. All I have to say to the aspiring travel bloggers is that stay true to yourself. Adopt a Unique style. It could be narrative or advisory or perhaps the story-telling style like mine. Offer your unique perspective about a destination. Invest in your SEO. Remember, there is truly no shortcut to creating a remarkable blog. Last but not least,


Just do not get into it for the sake of it,

Get into it out of the pure love of doing it.’

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