Artistes Of the Month : Musical Band ‘Easy Wanderlings’

“The most exciting rhythms seem unexpected and complex,
the most beautiful melodies simple and inevitable.”

This is not just a quote quoted by W.H. Auden.
It is indeed a philosophy that re-defines ‘Easy Wanderlings’.


Easy Wanderlings is one of the most celebrated music bands based out of India. This music band embraces vivid genres of music including Soul, Melancholy, Dream Pop, Indie, Rock, Folk and the list goes on.  The music band shot to fame after the release of their debut album named ‘As Written in the Stars’. Their music is an expression of their free-spirit personas. Their songs derive inspiration from simple observation, experiences and emotions that belong to the human lives. Coming together to weave a soulful musical saga was indeed imbibed in their destiny.



Meet 8 Wonderful Wanderlings who live their daydreams in music,who perceive their life in expressions of music.


Sanyanth Naroth: Founding member, Vocalist and Composer of the band.

Malay Vadalkar: Founding member and the Bass player

Pratika Gopinath: The Vocalist.

Siya Ragade: The Flutist.

Shardul Bapat: The Violinist

Nitin Muralikrishna: The Keyboardist.

Sharad Rao: The Guitarist.

Abraham Zachariah: The Drummer


Easy Wanderlings is an honest endeavor that evokes nostalgia and tempts you to embark on a soulful journey of exploring an inner wanderer.


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The National TV's Exclusive Interview’
Sanyanth Naroth (A Wanderling) Interview with Hiranshi Mehta


In this interview with Hiranshi Mehta, Sanyanth Naroth divulges how the band made it to the top bands of the Nation.


When and how ‘Easy Wanderlings’ was formed?


In 2015, May, my college friend Malay and I decided to record and release some of the music I had written in 2014. So we launched 4 singles in different times of 2016 until NH7 Weekender invited us to perform at the festival and then we realized we need to form a legit band to perform. So, through sheer luck and amazing friends, we were introduced to the members who now make up the Easy Wanderlings. In 2017, our debut album ‘As Written in the Stars' was launched after we were able to successfully raise funds through a crowd-funding platform. Currently, there are 8 members in our band. A Few of them who did belong to the different cities of India have now shifted their base to the Pune.


What does your Band Name Mean? Do you have any interesting story to share about the same?

The name of our band is derived out of our zeal towards travelling, of course, the purposeful ones. Nature-wise and Soul-wise, we are travel-oriented and easy-going people. We aim to create a kind of soothing music that set the soul of the listeners, free. Every band member is extremely simple yet pretty wild at heart. Together we are relentlessly engaged in the pursuit of discovering the beauty of millions of simple things. Through our soulful musical journey, we aim to draw the attention of our music listeners towards the simplicity of life in general. Therefore, ‘Easy-Wanderings’ is the only name that could do justice with our distinctive perspective towards life.


Would you like to share your experiences regarding accessing opportunities related to ‘Live Performances’?


Recording an album is one thing but performing live is altogether a different ball game. It is like embarking on a never-ending learning process. We consider ourselves fortunate enough to encounter numerous supportive people. It all started with our friends, who always put their best foot forward in enhancing our visibility. We are extremely grateful to our mentors who always lend their support in myriad ways. In simple words, for talent, there is no dearth of the opportunities. What becomes a game-changer is how do you promote your talent?


What are the parameters for success for ‘Easy Wanderlings?


The major parameter for our success is the loyal fan following that we have garnered out of the simplicity of our music. We do not believe in over-performing. We believe in creating a cozy soulful ambience that strikes a right chord with the ardent seekers of ‘No Nonsense’ Music. We always strive to offer diversified music experiences to our music listeners. In our opinion, money is a by-product of genuine passion and sincere efforts. We are exploring diversified ways to leverage the presence of our Music Band to further unlock the revenue generation potential. However, our focus remains intact on creating a strong fan following in India and globally.


What is the most remarkable aspect of being a member of ‘Easy Wanderlings?


The most remarkable aspect of being a member of ‘Easy Wanderling’ is experiencing an unparalleled ‘Team Spirit. We all are growing together as a team. No matter we taste success or failure; we ensure that our team stay united and strong. In simple words, ‘Losing I’ to discover ‘We’ is the most remarkable aspect of being a member of ‘Easy Wanderlings’.


What piece of advice do you have for people who want to form their music band?


Just be as original as you can. Do not seek advice from anybody. Release your album properly and your 50% job is already done. Remember ‘First impression is a big advantage’.  The more you try to be honest with your music the more people will relate to it. Do not ever try to be a people-pleaser.


How do the band members deal with performance Anxiety?


We are on our way to master an art of performing in absolute synchrony. Nevertheless, our extraordinary team-spirit always manages to subdue performance anxiety. To ensure our team-spirit goes on to get strengthened with time, we as band members try to spend a considerable amount of time together.


What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time?


We all love observing life in general. Our song themes revolve around the same. Whatever emotion it is, sadness, love, joy, we strive to come up with a musical emotion and stories to which we and our listeners can connect with.


Have you ever met with criticism so far? If yes, how did you handle it?


Yes, of course. We have met with criticism but only the constructive ones. Fortunately, we never encountered negative criticism that shattered our confidence. Constructive criticism is extremely crucial for an artist’s growth. We are grateful to our mentors and friends like Sudhir Pai who make us aware of the areas of improvement. To sum up, we can say that we accommodate constructive criticism in good-spirit


Which ‘Live Performance’ is your most cherished Live Performance and why?


We do different kinds of Live Performances. It is extremely difficult to pick the most cherished one. We had a great time performing on Vh1 Supersonic 2018, NH7 Weekender 2016 (First big break), Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi and BFlat Indiranagar, Bangalore.



How do the band members deal with the difference in opinions?


Wherever there is creativity, the difference in opinion becomes an inevitable phenomenon. We never do discard any idea instantly. We try it out and then listen to everybody’s opinion. There comes a point, when almost all of us can sense the potential of an idea, we unanimously approve it. If not, we cast it off but we make sure that we give an idea a try before shutting it out.

Who are your biggest influences?


Though there are 8 of us, most of us did grow up listening to a wide spectrum of music and somehow we are certainly fond of a somewhat similar kind of music. However, that does not mean that we do not explore other genres of music. We enjoy listening to hip hop, rock, and folk music. We adore music from the era of the 60’s and 70’s. Our biggest influences comprise of Simon and Garfunkel, The Eagles, Michael Kiwanuka, Marvin Gaye, Leon Bridges, Aretha Franklin, Kings of Convenience and John Mayer. 


What is the common vision shared by the band members of ‘Easy Wanderlings’?


Our vision is to craft candid music that not only appeals to one’s mind but appeals to one’s soul. We envision travelling the world playing our music at the most beautiful venues and creating everlasting memories.


Would you like to share experience about life and before after your debut album ‘As Written In The Stars’.

After the release of the album, the entire perspective of people undergoes a dramatic transformation. It is a great accomplishment. Moreover, the level of concreteness also gets enhanced to a great extent as you allow it to do the talking.


What are your current projects?


We are all set to release a few more soundtracks. Out of that, one song is ‘What are the fireworks for? This song talks about the sacrifices made by those who unconditionally give up their comfort so that you can do better in life. Another song is ‘Madeline’ that revolves around a mother and child conversation.

If ‘Easy Wanderlings’ could change anything about the Music industry, what would that be?’


Required amendments related to the ‘Royalty Aspect’ are the biggest need of the hour to keep financial exploitation of the artists at bay. Time has come for the music industry to ensure that artists get hold of fair compensation, especially with many online music streaming services around. Also, we would like to draw the attention of international governments over the tiresome visa regulation formalities. They need a chill pill, and the only prescription is more Easy Wanderlings music ;)  

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