Why Reading Matters?


Intellectual Stimulation

As parents everyone tries to make their child intelligent. But when it cries or disturb you while doing work, we end up giving it mobile phones. Remember mobile phone’s knowledge won’t help your child to be intelligent. Instead of that give your child books. Books helps to stimulate thinking ability. Stimulation is essential for action to be happen. In market there are many products  to stimulate the child. But reading  of child not only stimulate it intellectually but also makes sensible.

Creativity and imagination

We live in real world and imaginary world also. As a working class we know the necessity of being stress-free.  Books take us in imaginary world, make us to think creatively.   Because of this stress releases  with ease. Children are free of stress. But from now only you should recognize them to ‘stress releaser- reading’. Creativity is not to be learned  in any school, it is the matter of acquiring.  Reading nourishes  children with creative and imagining skill.  

Vocabulary and speaking skills

But as parents are working child feels alone. So it  started to be silent. Speaking skills are further thing, they are unable to  talk with confidence. Reading  create an  environment around the child that boost confidence. So ultimately speaking skills will be in child. Today’s world is full of competition. To talk in English is not the big thing anymore. If parents want their child to be in good school then vocabulary should be good. Reading makes child face new words, their meaning and how it is to be used in any sentence. A person with good vocabulary can express thoughts efficiently. The base of it is to make child read.


Nowadays human lack empathy which is not good. The practical world made us heartless. When we back from work our child makes us feel fresh. The reason behind is child are not got polluted by this poisonous world. They refills us with all type of emotions.  Reading can be preservative, which will prevent child to be robot. If the child is born in business family, it  is surrounded by business people.

Business is ran by practical thinking, there is a little space for empathy. If in the childhood only child get proper understanding of emotions like empathy then it can  not end up being corporate robot. The proper understanding of emotions like empathy is given by    reading easily. Visit https://readingpartners.org/blog/reading-improves-kids-emotional-intelligence-increases-empathy/ and you will get to understand importance of reading to make child sensible.


To be in this fast world smartness is like a tool to match with the frequency. Smart person can impress anyone and which is needed in business world and this practical world also. Anyone can not be smart in the one night only.

If we pay attention on our child then it is going to be happen. Reading makes child to be updated and makes it smart unknowingly.


This era is full of competition, to sustain is difficult. If the base is strong then  we can live instead of surviving. Reading is the base on which a building of good human being can be created. The right time  for fixing this base is childhood.


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