Confusion in choosing your Career?

When the time comes for you to choose the path which will lead you to a better future, you must brace yourself with confidence and have trust in yourself.


There are more than 1388 careers all around the globe so take your time in choosing one from all the career. The End of your Schooling and start of our college studies is a big turning point in your life. Your schooling time let you feed on various information on different subjects. The information that you gather now is just basics which acts as a foundation for your interest. This Interest you have found will be the guide that provides guidance in choosing your career.


There is poem in Tamil language which goes by


 “செய்யும் தொழிலே தெய்வம் –

அந்தத் திறமைதான் நமது செல்வம்.”


It means the job you are doing must be respected like God and the talent you got to do that job is your wealth. There is no career that can be termed as a bad one; each of you can choose any career of your choice but always have others help you in deciding whether it is the right choice. Ask for advice from those who are experienced and if possible, take guidance from those who are working in the field that you are in interested in. Don’t decide scoring marks alone will let you have the career that is perfect for you. You should there is more in this world than you think. Indulge yourself in various activities such as music, art, reading, sports, literature and experience new things. Little by little understand what you want to be and what you seek. Being talented in a particular activity does not mean that it is what you want to be, you can even put that talent to use by taking another career. You can always take as much advice from everyone but don’t let others decide for you. Always be flexible, if your decision seems to be wrong, correct it. Make sure that you have not made your decision half-heartedly. A full-hearted decision is required to withstand all storms that may occur along the path you choose and if it is genuine you can move forward amidst of all problems and criticism. Give more than a few minutes or hours in deciding your career. “You are One from your Own Kind”. All the best.

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