Why Dogs are Better Than Humans?


How can animals be better than humans when you have humans in your life to spend with, to talk with, to have fun with, and whatnot. Well, it's not like what we see. An old wise man once said, " What appears is not what happens in reality and what happens is not seen by many ". 

There's no person in this world who can be more loyal than pet dogs. This is cent percent true. Humans are a medium to pave their work off, when their needs are satisfied, they won't even give a damn to you (Though not every person is selfish, but there are many). We just aren't equipped to handle life the way that dogs do, and that's why dogs will always be better than humans.


Some of the reasons why dogs are better than humans are listed below:

1. Dogs don't judge

You can show up looking like a mess, and your dog will love you. You can act like a jerk because you're in a bad mood, you overslept and you aren't having a good day, and your dog will still love you. Your dog will not judge you for eating that entire pint of Ice cream and then that box full of chocolates. Dog's don't judge, Humans do.


2. Dogs are smart 

Dogs are highly intelligent, and they probably are much smarter than we have yet to realize. They learn tricks, remember what you said, and they always listen to you- even if they don't do what you say. Once you tame your dog very well, mind it they will end up as your best friend. They are smart enough to know things well but don't tell. They aren't like teacher's buttering pets who always want to pretend they know things better than others.


3. Dogs don't hold a grudge

You can forget to pet your dog, forget to feed him, get mad at him for not doing things your way, and he will always manage to make sure that you're still his best friend, this just reminded me of Ghost aka Jon snow's dog. You do the same things with humans and he/she will remember that for the rest of his/her life ( You will always be taunted for this). A dog will forget it in a second and move on forever without ever bringing it up again.


4.  They know things

Dogs can actually detect things like cancer. They know when the person is a friend or foe, and they can keep us safe. They don’t have to Study and Impress their Teachers, Fellow Students, Parents, Relatives, and Friends - Nor do they have to Go to Work to Make a Living out of it. Their Lives are shorter and they will look to survive for the moment, rather than think of their Future like how humans will have to plan Decades before for their Old age living. 


5. They are good teachers

Dogs teach us so many amazing things. They teach us to love. They teach us what it's like to love unconditionally. They teach us what it's like to have a true friend, and they teach us the true meaning of Loyalty. Dogs are the most amazing creatures, and having one is something that you cannot possibly understand if you don't have one of your own.


Lastly, the highlighted part for why Dogs are better than humans:

- Dogs bark at the person he doesn't know but humans bark at the person he knows.

- Dogs are loyal and waive their tail to the person he loves.

- Dogs have more humanity than humans.


One wise man touched the hearts of people with this quote: " Feed a dog for three days and they will remember you for three years. Feed a human for three years, they will forget you in three days." 



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