What Will Happen When We Die?


At least once we all had this question came up from our mind, What will happen when we die? The world contains different religions that teach us about the solution to this question. But the fact is that we were never settled, or we were never convinced with such an answer. We always need proof. Science has advanced to a great extent that most of all questions have been answered. Many of the answers were completely different from what we have believed. Some say we have another life, some teach us about this life is a temporary tent, and some says we don't die actually.


Science doesn't have an accurate answer on this. But above all, it is true that everyone on Earth has birth and all who are born will die for sure.  Different religions have different theories about death and what happens after that. Each of them finds as many as fabricated or doubtfully existing proofs to support the same. Every Holy Books put forward directly or indirectly what happens after the so-called Life.


To understand life, death or even the life after death, we should know the actual mechanics of our body, how the human body is built. According to many Hindu teachers, they believe that our body has two sides, one is physical and the other non-physical. We exist as a living being only when this is merged together. When the physical body dismantles or when we die, the non-physical part of us merges into the cosmos, the infinity. The point of death is the liberation, 'Mahasamadhi'. The rest is the physical body and that is nothing more than the dust, hence it goes back to Earth. They explain the existence of ghosts too. When a person dies due to any other means other than normal death, the 'aatma' or the non-physical part will go in search of a new body and we could experience it. This is what we see as ghosts. But when died normally the 'aatma' will soon get into the new body within minutes or an hour.


This resembles a bubble concept. The air trapped inside the air bubble is the aatma and the bubble cover is the body. When the bubble breaks after finishing the karma, the inner air merges with the air in the atmosphere. In Greek culture, people believe that there is a life after death for the dead ones. And this is the same as that of what we live here. On this basis, a written tablet is placed on the burial that contains the rules and how the dead one should behave and act in the underworld of life after death. Buddhism is quite similar to Hinduistic preachings where they believe about Karma and the cycle of life. They have concepts of eternal return that say the entry in the world is cyclic that we will take back birth in many forms.


Christianity makes a view that this life is temporal and is given to us to get to God. They say that the soul is given by God and when died the soul will return back to its creator. Christianity believes in Hades, a place where all dead will go and from where on the return of Jesus the dead ones will be resurrected.Reincarnation is another thing that 'Bhagavad Gita' suggests. It says that every human body has 9 gates or pores through which the soul will exit. If its exits through the 7 gates present in the head; ears, eyes, nostrils, and mouth; the soul will go to mukthi and if the soul is exiting through the rest 2 gates they will be reborn in another form of life. The new form will be decided for each soul on the basis of their attachments, desires and the 'Karma'.


People in Toraja, a place in Indonesia, preserve their dead one's body may be for months to get ready for the funeral. The bodies are preserved using a chemical called formalin. The family members will act as they have still life in those bodies. The members of the family change dress regularly and even a toilet is arranged for them. In all beliefs and concepts about what happens after death, always a secret lies. If we have an aim to reach the so-called Mukthi or Heaven, we have to act well. This thought might have traveled around the world and made all these believes.

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