What is the Reason Behind Rape?


Let's be honest and accept the reality that physical attraction is normal. It's normal for any person to have sexual intercourse but it is not normal to treat someone inhuman, to engage with minors, to have sexual intercourse with animals. If we delve into the matter, we will observe a new term that has been given to inhuman treatment i.e sexual intercourse. This is just a paint to hide inhuman treatment. The consent of both persons is required. You can't be harsh on someone and will call this a normal pattern of sexual intercourse. This is just a drop of water, the whole situation is even the worst. The minors are being raped and the facts are so blood-curdling that we can't imagine the pain and trauma she would be going through. But the question is what is the reason behind such heinous crime? Are they mentally sick or impatient or what is the reason? What would be the reason to Rape your own daughter?


What would be the reason to Rape a minor? Rapists no more see the age or whether they are human or not? They don't even leave a dog or a cow! What can be done to minimize such crime? Watching porn is the reason or sex trafficking? Is the family liable for not taking care of their girls or boys? Or the girl herself was liable for this? Isn't this injustice to say you should have taken precautions but what was the mistake of a six months old child? It's not only confined to females, males are also sexually assaulted. The facts of such cases are so horrified that we can't imagine the pain of the victims. What would be the reason when someone gang rapes her and forces her? What pleasure do they get when they Rape a dead girl? Are they mentally sick? The questions remain unanswered and people remain hopeless. But until when?





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