What is Overthinking? What are the Causes of Overthinking?


Thinking is something we should take as blessed ability of humans . We are able to think before any action or decision which makes us go easier with life , right ?

But what's the factor overthinking ?

Why almost 80% of population are under this ? 

Why it sounds like illness ?

The questions are innumerous . 

Overthinking causes anxiety , stress , fear , dread etc ., 

It occurs due to thinking too much without reason which leads to nothing except own flith . Its common as everyone ends up blaming themself and regretting about it .

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Causes of overthinking :

• We often care about people that what would they think if something happened .

• Due to lack of confidence .

• We assume every problems are centred on us and instead of solving it we just keep drowning into it by overthinking .

• Imagining useless situations which won't even happen .

• It comes with anxiety that we are often left feeling physically and emotionally unwell .

• Worrying incessantly about who we are and how we are measuring up to the world which is common in social and performance anxiety .

Thinking -- overthinking -- a tumbling chain of worries, vague thoughts, and specific thoughts all comes under anxiety disorders which should be treated by your own instinct .

Harm of overthinking

The basic and most dangerous thing which can be a result of overthinking is that we start believing what we are overthinking . 

How to not overthink ?

Before overthinking starts affecting you better you start defending it from the beginning .

But how ? Moslty people assume its brain factor which can't be fixed .

How Can You Stop Overthinking

• have something with you or around you to divert your attention. Rather than arguing with your thoughts or obsessing over them, gently shift your attention into something else .

Meditating: Guru of all healing , whenever you think your mind is way too loud and garbaging . Sitting in silence and admiring calmness can surely give you a way to find peace .

Physical activity : playing a sport or dancing can release your anxiety through sweat . And you 'll be refreshed relieved .

• Try reading a book which enhances self help and self growth . I would recommend a book 'Who will cry when you die' by Robin Sharma which can literally set you a different vision for life which gives list of chapters with examples for nuturing mind .

Overthinking alworks as a barrier as it comforts the unreal situations in your mind and boosts negativity to capture your good path . 

Overthinking don’t just contemplate lives they conjure up images too. Either way, the tendency to overthink everything holds back from doing something productive and turn out to be barrier .

99% of your problems would be solved if you stop overthinking things . So take a deep breath and calm down ! Life is about living moments not overthinking moments .

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