What do you prefer a guided tour or journey without a map?


Life is journey. We have to struggle a lot to eat fruits of success. This journey is exhausting but gives immense pleasure.


Our journey starts from birth. It is like a continuation of efforts to achieve goals. The path is not free of obstacles. Barriers of success will test our devotion towards journey.

The success depends on how journey is done. You have heard or seen journey of success, journey of fame, journey of wealth.

The journeys test us and if we pass in it then goal is ours.    

In childhood I used to say happy journey.

But I was not aware about   meaning. Journeys are not predictable so wishes are given. We all know many tragic journeys which end up us. 

Journey without a map


Have you seen the nursery children, they run here and there without any motives. Without map journey will be like the same way.

 Life is so invaluable to waste it. The every moment is precious. Because never know it can be last moment.

Right direction is important in life. Wind’s wrong direction can make anything miserable. The map keeps us on right path. It prevents us to get lost.

Our parents, teachers, elder siblings are like maps of our life. They protect us from getting in trouble. Without  map life will be puzzle  which will be difficult to solve.

We barely can travel in new cities with help of google maps. Then how can we live the life without maps?

Guided tour

We all enjoy vacation by travelling beautiful places. We are chilling whole trip because we know that all the arrangements are done.

In life I am so cool and calm because I am blessed with awesome father and mother.  I am damn sure their guidance always protect me from sinking.

We all know about Arjun award as well as Dronacharya award. Arjun was normal student but proper guidance made him great. So I will prefer  to take a guided tour of my life. Because life is so short to waste it.   


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