James Charles and The Bandwagon Of Hate


The beauty community recently experienced the darkest time in history when one of the biggest influencers James Charles was accused of being predatory. Tati Westbrook another big name in the industry uploaded a video titled "Bye Sister.." about a week ago where she expressed how hurt she felt after her best friend James Charles uploaded an Instagram story promoting 'SugarBear Hair' a vitamin company which is the biggest competitor of 'Halo' Tatis vitamin brand. She further said how "disgusting" james charles personality is in real life when he "yet again manipulated a straight man to do things with him" She was talking about how on her Birthday dinner on February 14 James Charles along with Jeffrey Star and Tatis husband, family and friends explicitly said the "things he wanted to do with the waiter in detail" Tati further said how she told James that the waiter was actually straight but he replied by saying "Doesnt matter im a celebrity".


The internet was took to storm as this videi in a matter of seconds wreaked havoc on social media. Many men came out saying how James Charles even manipulated them to do things according to his secual gratification even though the boys were straight. Zara Larsson a famous singer even tweeted how "james slid into her boyfriends DM several times knowing well enough he was straight". The tweet has now been deleted after about a million people had already retweeted and liked it. But, the tables seemed to have turned when James released his video titled "No More Lies" wherein he explained the situation in furious details and pulled out the "reciepts" on Tati and Jeffrey and the waiter Sam who had also made a video explaining his side if the story stating that everything that happened between james and him was consensual and that james was "the worst kisser ever" but after sam made it clear that he was straight James continuously tried to tell him otherwise and inciting him by inviting sam to LA with him. James Charles showed the DMs and the texts between him and tati and jeffrey star and the boy sam. Jeffrey Star another big name in the beauty industry had texted James calking him "a threat to the society".


James however did a good job in explaining his side of the story where he went through each and every detail making tati seem like a lier and Jeffrey Star simoly jumping in on the Bandwagon hate along with the entirety of social media. James said how he DMed the men only once and stepped down after they made it clear to him that they were not interested. He showed the texts between Tati Westbrook and him where she told him he was only meant to "sleep with the waiter and not marry him" after he tild her the waiter Sam was accompanying him to LA. James also brought to light how gay men are prejudiced to be predatory when they send "thirsty dms/tweets" to men but when the same is done by straight women there seems to be no problem with it. He talked about how he dmed Zara Larssons boyfriend only once which was further confirmed by Zara Larsson herself. Tati Westbrook later released a video titled "Why i did it" where she exolains how she never intended the situation to get so out of hand and urged her followers and the social media to "stop the hate". After James' video Zara Larsson also tweeted an apology.


Jeffrey Star also issued a public apology in his latest video taoking aboyt he jumoed in on the bandwagon hate because he believed what he read without speaking with James Charles first. The secual harassment allegations so far seem to be false and misleading. James was falsely potrayed as a predator according to his claims and the receipts- the screenshots of texts- that he provided. It is important today that people stop jumping in on the bandwagon of hate without any proofs as this could lead someone "into the darkest place from where I thiught i would never return" said James Charles.

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