What Do We Mean By Power?


There are two ways to live our life one is self-dependent and another is object dependent. Those people who live a self-dependent life depend on their skills, knowledge, and attitude to get results, they consider themselves responsible for whatever is happening in their life and make an attempt to bring change in their life. Those who live an object dependent life live their life depending on the people and situations around them, they don't take responsibility for whatever is happening in their life and blame others for it. But most of us are living an object dependent life. Those people living an object dependent life derive power from outside. Now if I ask what do we mean by power the three common answers would be having more money, having a high post, and having a big degree.


People having more money think that they got the power to buy whatever they want, people with high post think they have the authority to manipulate things in whichever way they want and people with big degrees think that they are more knowledgeable, they should get first preference in a job interview and they should get a high salary. All that power we are deriving from money, post, and degree is temporary. Today the money that we have may not be with us tomorrow as we may lose it if any financial crisis occurs and if today we are rich that does not mean we will be rich forever as someone else can become richer than us. Today the post that we have is not going to be with us for a lifetime as someday we have to hand it over to someone else. Today the degree that we have may lose its demand if any other better course is introduced by universities.


So instead of developing our ego and greed to attain money, post, and degree. we must focus on enhancing our real power. Nature has given powers to every creature on this planet so that they can fight for their survival. There are two kinds of power that nature has given to us one is body power and another is mind power. Body power enables us to do activities like walking, running, swimming, etc. Mindpower enables us to do activities like logical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, etc. These powers can be enhanced by doing yoga and martial arts. So the real power is not our money, post, and degree it is our body power and mind power which will stay with us for a long time.

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