Weight Before, work more!


Exercising and working out are considered to be good for your body and mind. It can help you stay healthy and sometimes beat off depression. If you want to reach a certain weight, you can achieve it with exercising. But if you want fast results, then working out more can help you out, right? NO! We all have heard that too much of anything is bad for you, and so is exercising. Too much exercising can undo all your gains and even worse, it can damage your heart. 


The intensity of workout depends on many factors like your age, weight, health and choice of workout. Studies say that people who do light to moderate workout have a lower risk of death than people who don't exercise. But, in a surprising turn, people who are engaged in intense heavy workout without proper instructions for more than 3 times a week have a similar risk of dying as compared to those who don’t workout at all. Extreme endurance exercises may also lead to heart damage, heart rhythm disorders, and enlarged arteries, in some people. 


Since a lot of people now days are getting attracted towards the gym culture, a lot of new gyms are opening in the city with less trained gym trainers. Majority of people who work out at the gym have very little or no knowledge about the health consequences that they may face because of extreme endurance exercises and they still opt for it. They tend to ignore the warning signs that their body tries to send them and it sometimes results in cardiovascular diseases.


 Here are some speak ups who are telling you about perfect recommendations and about how aware they are of the cons of ‘too much exercise’:


1- Nowadays everyone wants to get fit and for this they work hard in the gym. But there is a limit. Every muscle takes 48 to 72 hours to repair itself and get ready to hit it further. Few trainers know about this and many of them just push their clients and let them overtrain. Being a certified trainer, I recommend that training should be done in a limit. If you are doing weight training , then you should do 4-5 variations of each muscle leading them to fatigue, and then proper rest and nutrition should be taken to fill them up. When it comes to cardio exercises, you should be calorie deficit in order to loose weight, running madly on treadmills wont give you results. Over training leads to many health issues like cardiac attack as your heart rate gradually increase during workout, causing thicker heart walls and scarring of heart. Excess of everything is obviously bad and same happens when it comes to training. So train harder as well as smarter. Stop over training and take proper rest to grow and glow. -Shubham Sharma, Gym trainer


2- There was one guy who I was training. He was quite fat and wanted to lose weight rapidly. He used to do heavy workout for at least 3 hours a day and he even stared taking supplements without consulting anyone. Not only me, the other trainers of the gym also asked him to stop this practice as it was doing more harm to his body. He still didn't stop and it resulted in liver infection and even damaged his small intestine. We, as trainers always suggest everyone, no matter how much weight you want to lose, a workout of 90 minutes is more than sufficient. To want certain results, you need to focus on your diet as well as workout. There is a 70:30 ratio of diet and workout respectively. -Divya Mundhra, Gym trainer


3- I've suffered from the consequences of what they say "heavy workout". It was like any other regular day at gym, the only difference was I was a little lost that day. I lost my focus while lifting weights and that one mistake costed me my shoulder. Later that day I felt little pain in my shoulder but I ignored. Later on, when the pain got worse, I visited a orthopedic surgeon who suggested MRI. I was shocked to know that one mistake tore apart my ligament and I had to spend a huge amount of money to get it repaired. Along with the shoulder, I had to bear pain in my lower back for almost 2 months. -Anurag Bajoria


4- Cases of heart attack and cardiac arrest due to heavy cardio is quite frequent. I have attended many cases where people have collapsed while on treadmill. The reason behind such cases is not having proper knowledge of heart before indulging yourself in heavy workout. I suggest people to undergo some tests before they start doing cardio, athletics or even playing games such as football. Since all these things put pressure your heart, you must know if your heart is healthy. Someone who's indulged in heavy cardio gets athlete heart where the size of their heart increases. And it results in abnormal heart. -Dr Sunil Jain, cardiologist, SMS and Jaipuriya Hospital



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