We Live in Deeds and Not in Years!


Every person desires a long life filled with comforts. As we grow up, oy pursuit for the pleasures and luxuries if life only increases. But is there any virtue in such a long life? What is the use of long life if it is not used to do good work? The mission of life is not simply to eat, drink, and be merry. Even animals are capable of doing that. Human life should have a noble aim. It is there noble deeds of men and lives even after they die. Everyone has to die one day or another, so we should live a life that is meaningful to mankind. How do we do good deeds? It can be something as simple as helping our fellowmen in times of need.


How fondly we remember our beloved freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekar Azad! Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi is considered as the epitome of women's courage. Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln are remembered and revered by people. They are immortalized in our thoughts and actions. People look up to them for their ideology, qualities, and preaching. Corrupt politicians, criminals, terrorists are infamous for their nefarious activities as they base their life on looting, murdering, misleading, and plundering ordinary citizens. Their ignominy lives longer than them. People remember them with hatred and contempt and feel relieved about their death.


Hitler and his principles of Nazism are a good example Respect is earned by actions and not acquired by years. Life is measured by the deeds that we do. Life becomes exciting and worthwhile to live when we do something that benefits society. We can devote our talent and energies in various fields like arts, music, science, technology, inventions, literature, etc. So we should live a life spreads cheer to others by our help, smile, and advice.





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