Teaching of Value of Life by Father to His Son


A father and a son were walking down the woods. The son asked his father-" Father what is the value of my life? The father gives him a stone and says: "Son if you want to know the value of your life then take this stone to the market and If someone asks for the price don't say a word just raise two fingers." So the boy does as his father said and he goes to the market. He wanderers around and then suddenly an old woman approached him and asked him the price. The boy doesn't say a word and just raised his two fingers. The woman says," Two dollars I'll take it."


The son is surprised and runs back to his father and said a woman in the market was giving him two dollars for this stone. The father said:" Son, the next place I want you to go is Museum and there also you don't say a word if anyone asks the price just raise your two fingers". So the son does as his father says and goes to the museum after about after twenty minutes a middle-aged man approached him and asked him the price he raised his two fingers. The man said, "Two Hundred dollars I'll take it".


The son ran to his father and told him about it after that the father told him," Son the last time I want you to take this stone to the precious stone store and do the same when anyone asks you the price. The boy went in search of the precious stone store after finding it he walked into the store And saw an old man at the counter And as the old man sees the stone he jumps up and screams," oh! My God you have the stone I've been looking for my whole life, what do want for it? how much is it?" The boy doesn't say a word and raises his two fingers. The old man says, "Two Hundred thousand dollars I'll take it ".


The boy can't believe it he jumps up and runs to his father and told how the old man at the store was giving him two hundred thousand dollars for the stone. The father said, " You see son. Do you understand how the value of your life? Life is all about where you place yourself. You can decide whether you want to be two dollar stone or two Hundred thousand dollars Stone. There are some people Who love you and for whom you're everything And some people will just use you as a COMMODITY And for them you will Worth nothing So it is upon us to decide the value of Our Lives.

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