Trap of Social Media: Becoming Dependent on the Fake World is the New Millennial Trend

People finding the virtual world attractive is very common these days. It is important to understand that the virtual world is a trap. We keep ourselves engaged on social media platforms, scrolling, commenting, and living up to other's expectations. Putting up the best picture for more likes and comments, people now hardly find time to appreciate the beauty of nature- sunsets, chirping of birds, or blooming flowers. Today instead of helping a person who is possibly drowning in a river, everyone takes photographs to upload on Instagram handles with a sympathetic caption. Even when one of us takes an initiative to actually help the needy, it is not done without showing off on the social media platform. Most social media addicts are between the age of 13-27.


It is still a matter of debate about whether social media is a boon or a bane to society. The answer is yet very elementry - it depends on how one chooses to invest time on it, the kind of platform, and the type of people they choose to connect with. I don't deny the fact that meeting new people, that too on the internet is quite dicey. It is very easy to wear a mask of anonymity because we don't always exactly know the identity of the person which he chooses to show is real or not. It is easy to pick a picture from someone else's social media account and pretend to be that person. So it is very important to learn the ethics and techniques of using social media platforms to stay secure from unknown problematic situations.


It is equally, or say more important to enjoy the life we are blessed with by being more there in the real world because that is what actually matters. God has blessed us with a beautiful world to admire, to learn, but all we choose to do is to lower our heads to stare at the fake world which only deteriorates our intellect, personality and which cuts us off from the real people and real-world around us.





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