Top 5 Heritage Sites to Visit in India

A free soul always liked to travel and explore. They often plan to explore countries like India because of its cultural diversity, history, spirituality, and socio-cultural ethics. For instance- Tahir Shah once said that Time spent in India has an extraordinary effect on one. It acts as a barrier that makes the rest of the world seem unreal.


There are some places which give peace and excitement to travelers whether they are traveling with friends or solo travel -

1. Ajanta cave is one of the Centre of attraction for Solo travel and backpackers. Travelers are often captivated by the painting and rock-cut sculptures. It is located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state of India. So, solo travelers often want to find a better travel buddy. Although they can easily find such people with the same traveling spirit on Travel Buddy App. Apart from this, we all know local people know all in and out of their place. They often act as the best tour guide. So, in the 21st century, we don't need to haunt anybody, all we need is a Travel buddy app.


2. Ellora cave Everyone who visits the Ajanta cave is supposed to visit the Ellora cave because it is just 104kms from Ajanta cave. We often make travel plans but delay it due to procrastination and cost. But they are not well versed with the concept of social travel and facilities of free travel apps. For better travel plans, travel enthusiasts can download an app for traveling i.e. Travel buddy.


3. Agra Fort also known as Badalgarh has been rewarded with the aga khan award for architecture in 2004. A Social Travel without depicting pictures of Agra Fort on Social App is incomplete. Any solo travel or backpackers can meet their traveling friends through the travel buddy app because life is incomplete without friends then how could a travel plan be completed without friends?


4. Taj Mahal Crown of the Palace is an ivory-white marble in the Indian city of Agra. This heritage is best for social travel experiences. Travelers don't need to worry about travel guides. A vast detail related to how to plan a trip to the Taj Mahal will be available on the travel buddy app.


5. Kaziranga National Park is a National park in Golaghat Karbi Anglong and Nagaon district of state Assam. This park acts as a treat for solo travel enthusiasts, backpackers & wildlife photographers. There's no need to worry about traveling vehicles as it can be resolved through traveling pal.




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