7 fantastic uses of Aloe Vera | will Surprise You


The best remedies for self-care often come directly from nature. Some of you probably have already heard about aloe vera and the jelly-like substance with a thousand possible applications contained in its leaves, which you may have happened to pick up during a beach vacation to be able to carve them and rub them on a sunburn.

If you live in a sunny place, you could try growing an aloe plant on your balcony. Me if you don't have this luck or don't feel gifted with a green thumb, know that you can buy aloe gel now in most health food stores and health food stores. The only foresight to have is to scrupulously check the list of ingredients on the package, which must include very few components in addition to aloe, which should preferably be of biological origin.

1. Aloe can be used as a basic ingredient for the preparation of a body scrub, with the addition of olive oil, sugar or salt.

2. If your problem is dandruff, pamper your scalp by gently rubbing aloe gel over it and letting it act as much as possible before shampooing. It will help you counteract its formation and fight to itch.

3. Spread plenty of aloe gel on the skin after a day spent in the sun, so as to benefit from its refreshing power.

4. Aloe is suitable for use as a face mask in case of red skin. Spread the gel with your fingers and rinse everything with warm water when it has dried to form a thin film. Dab your face gently with a cotton cloth. 

5. If when you return home in the evening you find yourself having chapped hands due to cold or wind, generously apply aloe gel to the rougher parts of your fingers. For an impact treatment, let the aloe act on your hands overnight, wearing cotton gloves.

6. Pure aloe vera gel can easily replace your usual face cream. You can apply it several times a day, depending on your needs.

7. Try using aloe gel as an eye area. You will be amazed at its tensor effect on fine lines.

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