The Gruesome Beasts that savour Women flesh

After the cruel and shocking Gangrape case of 2012, the government realised the need for stricter punishments that also after the hard-core pressure from the public which came in support of the expired victim. But the change which was needed in the society was never given a thought even after 7 years of this heinous crime. Again the nation was shamed when Asifa Bano (8 years), a resident of the Indian-administered Kashmir was unnaturally raped by 8 people who abducted the girl, held her captive, drugged her with heavy medication for 5 days to satisfy their beastly appetite for sex. The case took a more disgusting and a shameful turn when it was found that one of the police officers of that gang allegedly begged to rape the girl for "one last time" when she already on the verge of dying after which she was strangled and stoned twice to make sure she's dead.


The Nation which is appreciated for its so called Unity in Diversity was shamed even more when the Hindu right-wing groups protested the arrest of the eight Hindu men over the brutal rape making it an issue of Hindu-Muslim clashes which are regularly being fueled by the present government as the only medium to win the elections. And hence has won again. The public was outraged even more when it came to light that two ministers from the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) attended the rally in support of the accused men questioning the Party's Justice System which it highlights itself for being so Just and unbiased. This case is now lost and has not been given the attention it needs as the whereabouts of the accused men and the victim's family are unknown. This case just like the other cases has become a mere number of the 2.8 crore cases pending in India. The daily news is now full of reports of rape and domestic violence cases which have become very common. The present government is sleeping and only wakes up when the need of votes arises.


There are thousands of cases which are reported in large number and there are still many which are not even reported. Considering the reasons behind these crimes, peeping behind the curtain we see that the reasons are just so petty that whoever whose humanity is still alive listening to those my just hold their eyes down in shame and disgust. So, when it comes to who is the main player in this blame-game, the government is always held responsible neglecting the fact that our society's disgusting mentality is also a reason. The change will come only if the people are ready to give up their beastly third class morales which they proudly consider the compulsory norms of the society. The change is only affective if we all stand together and fight to eradicate this obnoxious crime.


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