Tips for Healthy And Active Memory

The body is primarily functioned and controlled by the brain and the brain performs tasks and actions with the help of memory. A healthy memory is very important for a vigorous lifestyle as well as the proper functioning of the brain. A healthy memory should never be taken for granted and one should take the required steps to improve one's memory in action.


I have jotted down some important facts about memory which needs to be taken care of:-

1. People who are often ill significantly have more memory problems. Physical and mental health both are significant when it comes to taking care of memory. Even a common cold can affect memory and a particularly bad cold or flu may cause considerable difficulties to recall.

2. Depression and feeling negative also has a bad effect on memory, as the person cannot take up the information around him. On the other hand, a moderate amount of stress is better for memory as an absence of stress can reduce the urgency to pay attention.

3. Exercise and physical health can bring positive memory benefits. Exercise boosts the brain's production of endomorphin, which acts as antidepressants.


FUN FACT FROM REAL LIFE: Nelson Mandela is celebrated and known to have had excellent memory powers. He had an extraordinary power to recall names, dates, faces, and events as exact as it can be. A stupendous event amazed everyone, when soon after Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa, he held a reunion dinner with friends from his University days. Guests were astonished when he addressed and greeted each one of them with the exact names and in many cases, he had not even spoken to about 40 years.





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