The feeling of been here before : Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a feeling of have been lived the moment before. It is one of the peculiar tricks that the brain plays, it is a feeling of 'being here before' or having lived through the moment already. Many of us have experienced such a situation, where a sudden wave of feeling strikes that we have already been at this place or have done these things before. There has been much research about Déjà vu and there are different ideologies about it. Some say it happens because of the relevance of the situation with the previous life, while others suggest that one has already lived the moment in their dreams.


Déjà vu can occur in any situation, you may be visiting some entirely unfamiliar town and then suddenly feeling that you have already been there already or chatting with your friends around a table and thinking that you have seen this before. The sensation of Déjà vu has also been regarded by some as evidence of reincarnation, while others suggest it as a dream in which a person has lived through the moment. One speculative explanation of déjà vu is that it may occur as a result of the left and right hemisphere of the brain being slightly out of synchronization. The slight delay in communication between both the hemisphere causes déjà vu. We all have been through this feeling and there is still research going on to come up with other theories of its origin.





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