Do Not Present a Speech Without Reading this Article!

A speech competition means fear for many. Today we are going to convert that fear into confidence. Here are some of the expert tips by which you can also get the first prize too. So let us get started. This is the first part of a three-article series so follow me and make sure not to miss that next article as it has a pro tip that no one talks about.


1. Understand and by heart, the speech Many people tend to by heart the entire speech without learning its meaning. The problem with this method is that in between the speech if you forget a single word or a sentence, then the entire speech would become a fiasco(failure) as you won’t remember the next word and once when we stay dumbstruck for even for a second then the whole of our confidence will go it's the way. But if you understand what you are saying, you need not byheart the entire speech. When you don’t get a sentence you can create your own sentence as you know what the topic you are talking about is.


2. Practicing in front of yourself or someone else Now once you have byhearted the speech by understanding its meaning, you have to present this speech in front of someone. Make sure you present the speech to a person who can correct your mistakes. Now, if you have no one, just practice it in front of a long mirror. The reason why I said long is that, when you do so, you can see the actions you are showing(gestures), and also you can maintain eye contact.


3. Last-minute revision Many experts don’t advise this method but as of my personal experience, the last-minute revision could improve our speech as we will remember the content of the speech clearly. But only with last-minute revision, you are not ready at all. You have to practice it well from home and then just before presenting you can revise.




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