Recipe for making Dry Nepali Mutton: Taste bhi health bhi

Nepali Dry Meat 

Sukuti is consumable dry meat (jerky). Some eat sukuti all things considered. Some favor charbroiled and spiced as a starter, some blend with other fixings and blend it with achar or even curry. Some put it in noodles, Thokpa or chow mien. It gives various tastes with various things and blends.

Sukuti is dried in sun or on charcoal smoke fire. Individuals blend it with different flavors and keep the sukuti irregularity for drying over the chimney, or under the sun, till it gets dry. Some dry sukuti even with vapor leaving the sustenance 

The most effective method to make Nepali meat jerky 


Huge bowl 


Dry Cloth or metal wire 


Meat portion – 2 lbs 

Cumin powder 

Coriander powder 

Stew powder 

Turmeric powder 

Garlic and ginger glue 

Salt, pepper, 

Oil – Very less 


Cut the meat cautiously into long slim strips 

Expel all the fat individually 

Put the strips into a major bowl 

Marinate it with salt, cumin, coriander, pepper, stew powder and turmeric, ginger and garlic glues 

Keep the marinated meat in the Fridge for 24 hours to suck in every one of the fixings 

Spread it out on a perfect fabric and put in under the sun or hold tight metal wire over the cooking stove in the kitchen (it is smarter to place in the sun for some time before you keep it in the kitchen) 

[You can utilize stove for snappy parchedness or you can utilize genuine dehydrator machine on the off chance that you have one – by and large, in Nepal these things are not utilized while making nourishment at home] 

When the meat winds up dry store it and eat it as you need.

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