Section 11(1) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960

Recently, we came to know about the incident in Kerala and many such incidents happen all over the world. Sometimes people don't even consider it as cruelty. But what amounts to cruelty on animals are explained in Section 11(1) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.


Sec 11(1) of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 is further subdivided - 

(a) if a person tortures or causes any kind of suffering to the animal then it amounts to cruelty mentioned in Sub-clause. 

(b) states that if a person employs any animal for any work or labor or anything for which he is not fit to do then it amounts to cruelty. Even the owner should not allow such things.

(c) explains about injecting injurious drugs or injurious substances to the animals.

(d) If any animal is suffering or is in unnecessary pain due to conveying or carrying something or acting as a vehicle.

(e) If the animal is not given sufficient space, height, length, and breadth for movement in any cage or receptacle.

(f) If any animal is chained or tethered for an unreasonable time.

(g) If any dog is habitually chained up or kept in close confinement then it also amounts to cruelty on animals.

(h) If the animal isn't provided with the required food, drink, or shelter.

(i) If any animal is unnecessarily abandoned and as a result of which it is suffering through pain due to starvation or thirst.

(j) If the animal is wilfully permitted to go at large in any street while it was infected with any disease and it died in any street then the owner is considered to be cruel towards the animal.

(k) If the animal is offered for sale which is suffering pain due to mutilation, thirst, starvation, or any activities which amount to ill-treatment.

(l) If any killed by using strychnine injection in the heart it mutilates or any unnecessary cruel manner.

(m) If any animal is used for entertainment then it amounts to cruelty.

(n) If the animal is used for the purpose of baiting or for animal fighting or any activity for which he receives money.

(o) If the animal is engaged in the shooting match or any such competition where it's life is in danger. Section 11 (1) also states that the first time offenders shall be punished with a fine which shall be extended up to fifty rupees and not less than ten rupees. While the second time offenders (within 3 years) shall be punished with a fine with shall be extended up to a hundred rupees and not less than fifty rupees or with imprisonment for a term, not more than 3 months or both.




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