Parent's Day 2019: make your parents happy and make them feel proud

Every year we celebrate Parent’s Day on 1st June. Different countries have different days for celebrating Parent’s Day. All children from different countries try to make their parents happy in their own style. This day is celebrated since from 1994. The primary aim behind celebrating this day is to pay respect,thanking and showing some love towards parents by making them happy for taking our care, motivating us,helping us to grow in right directions and the sacrifice they do for us. As we all know God sent parents because he cant keep watch on us all the time and correct us from making mistakes we do. “Parents are the god which is seen to us”.


Parent's Day 2019


Parents are our well wishers even if they scold us, its for our benefits and protect us from going on the wrong ways. Nobody can love you unconditionally as the parents do. The main aim of Parents is to grow their child with great love and kindness and to see them achieving the success. I know some of us gives more importance to friends than parents and think parents don’t understand us and the only well wishers are friend, they understand us. But thats not true your parents tell you what you can’t think at your age but you only understand it when you go through it and at the end of day you realize yes my parents were right, Why I didn’t listened that? So Parents Day is the day to enjoy with whole family, making our parents happy my giving them some surprises and make them feel that they are granted with a great gift like us. Making your parents smile and the knowing that the reason behind that smile is you then your purpose behind living a life is completed. So are you ready to make your parent smile?


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