Not Every Thing Needs Your Attention

I am telling you life is not easy. People go through and experience a lot of things on daily bases. We totally differ on how our reactions can be on certain situations. Our control levels are different too.


People move around with a lot of things in their head. If we would be able to see what’s going on in peoples’ heads we would be in shock. Sometimes because of what someone is going through they can be so bitter.


Have you ever come across a saying that says , “Misery loves company” Well this is so true. Since people have a lot going on with them they can sometimes with or without their knowledge pour that energy to other people.


I think most of us could testify to this, I mean you could be having a good mood and then maybe someone either when you are driving and a person drives in a way it that can force you to be mad or someone can be mean to you for no reason and it you may be tempting to clap back. There are a lot of scenarios that this can happen.


All I can tell you is you can can avoid all of this by keeping yourself in control. Don’t let another person control your mood. Just keep your coolness and be kind to that person so as you may not carry that misery with you and probably continue with the circle of causing misery to someone else.

Be strong not to let another person control your mood. They don’t have that power. Most people expect you to fight back and rise to their level, well you don’t have to do that. You could just be kind and give them a smile. Not everything needs your attention.

And this doesn’t mean you are powerless. This just means that you have other important battles to fight for; like how you can be a better person or working towards your goal and you are restoring that energy for them. This means you are having strength under control.


In a world that is full of chaos, we need more peace and kindness. Be among those who offer this.

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