Need Weight Loss Tips: 3 Exercises That Shreds most amount of calories

Check these 3 calories burning exercises if you are finding it difficult to lose weight!!


Burpees are a great exercise to reduce body fat. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, a 180-pound man can almost shed 1.5 calories per Burpee and these dealt a great effect if you go for a greater number of burpees in short time duration. Burpee is a combination of push-ups and jump up with your hands held high in the air. Go for 5 burpees in 60 seconds or even more say 10!!

How to do a Burpee

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, weight at your heels and arms alongside your waist. Go to a squat position as deeply as you can and place your hands on the floor. Kick back to pushup position from there and do one push-up. Bring forth your legs back to a squat position again then jump up swaying your hands above your head.

Workouts done in the evening are more effective as to usual ones in Morning.

The Burpee is full body exercise and with every rep, you’ll work on your chest, quads, arms, glutes, abs, and hamstrings. It is one of few versatile exercises which can be incorporated into a number of core exercises such as Burpee pull-ups, Burpee knee ups, and Burpee box jumps.


Swimming is known as whole body exercise while you swim, you move every muscle of your body. Your legs kick your core contract & extend to keep you a floating and of course your arms stoke. It is considered as a super-calorie burning exercise as while swimming muscle movement intensity is pretty higher, for instance, doing a butterfly stroke rather than a breaststroke will help burn more calories. Also, the field you choose for swim makes a lot of difference, if you swim in the ocean against the current would result in rather super-super intense training.

Rope Jumping

This exercise looks super easy on the out but when you do it jumping rope it is rather a difficult task to get your feet up every time you swing the rope. This exercise is a great fat burner getting your heart rate up and harmonizing balance & coordination. By indulging in an even medium intensity jump rope session you can easily burn off 13 calories a minute.

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