Avengers Endgame overthrows Avengers Infinity War to become the biggest global opener of all time


One of thebiggest movie of the decade that has been setting up a base for nearly more than 10 years and has over 22 movies for the grand finale movie set for the biggest stage of all time. marvel has been giving super blockbuster in recent and is having big hopes with this one too.

 The biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie yet, Avengers: Endgame has unsurprisingly proven to be a box office colossus. Only a couple days after its release in most markets, it has broken multiple records.

The latest one is the Friday haul (including Thursday previews) in its domestic (North America) market. It has absolutely demolished Star Wars: The Force Awakens’s 119 million dollars and grossed an astonishing 156.7 million dollars according to BoxOffice

Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended up as the highest grossing movie of all time in North America (936.66 million dollars), and Endgame has a great chance of beating it, although the Star Wars movie had the advantage of being a Christmas release.

Worldwide, too, Avengers: Endgame has broken its own predecessor’s record by earning 644 million dollars by the end of Friday, thus besting Infinity War’s 641 million dollars. While Infinity War did not have the benefit of China in its opening weekend, Endgame should easily overtake its sans-China haul too by the time the weekend is over. Some estimates suggest it might have a 1 billion dollar global opening.

In India, the Russo Brothers directorial had an opening bigger than any Hindi film, beating last year’s Thugs of Hindostan. It opened at Rs 53.10 crore. Endgame should easily beat Infinity War to become the highest-grossing Hollywood movie of all time at the end of its theatrical run.

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