Middle elegance dealing with the issues??


As in our previous article we saw about the secret by which rich became richer if you also want to know that secret and if you have time to improve yourself then you can read 'Do you know why rich are getting richer!!'.


Along with that it is also very important to know what keeps are what mistakes someone do which fail to create wealth. We know rich buy assets real asset but middle class buy fake asset which makes that as liability by not putting money into your pocket it continuously increases your spending you want to know how?.


What mistake they do is when they earn money they also want to buy luxuries by money when they get income they buy a new car and a new house and they do not know that their house is not an asset yes its not an asset now what happens is when they buy car house they also by the expenses of car, home loan, if its a big home, big bills,and what happens is their income reduces and expense increases for improving that they start earning more and the expenditure also increases.


Think people doing this will always have low income high expenses. So above you have known the reason why the middle class are the same so by the two articles you may come to an conclusion of whats right and whats wrong and also what you should do to escape from this happening to you.so all the game is investing in right thing.

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