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Introduction Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme provides fund 5 crores per annum to a member of Parliament for the development of their local areas. They may select any one or more districts of one state for investing the fund for the development. This scheme was launched by former Prime minister P.V Narasimha Rao on 23rd Dec 1993. Current status On 6 April 2020, the announcement was made by Prakash Javadkar, Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting that Cabinet decided to Suspend Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) for two years due to novel Corona 19 and the money raised through reduction which is assumed to be around 79 crores will go to consolidation fund of India


The validity of MPLADS In 2010, the validity of MPLADS was challenged in case BHIM SINGH v. U.O.I. This scheme was challenged on the ground that it breaches federalism, it also disturbs the doctrine of separation of power as MPs are involved in executive matters. There is no system to check and is accountable for the activities done under this scheme and it disturbs free and fair elections. They also requested to have statutory law for the scheme as allocation of funds shouldn't be done by mere execution guidelines. It was challenged with reference to Article 266(3) state that funds will be provided in accordance with law and purpose & manner provided in the constitution. They also referred to Article 114(3) which states that no money shall be withdrawn from the consolidated funds except by appropriate law, money can be withdrawn.


It was held that law governing the scheme is appropriate to act which is being passed by Parliament in every Financial year. It was held that no separate or independent law is needed for this scheme as Union govt can incur expenditure on any public purpose even if it is ultra vires and under Article 73 read with seventh Schedule i.e Executive power of the Union can be extended. While In 2018, Central Information Commissioner Prof. m. Sridhar Acharyalu passed order & recommended Lok Sabha SpeakerRahta Sabha Chairman to bring more accountability & transparency in allocating & utilization of funds under the scheme. Monitoring & Supervision It is the weakest part of the scheme. It is due to the negligence of collectors, not able to balance authority & responsibility and lack of adequate infrastructure available to them. 


As per the evaluation report on MPLADS, only 4 collectors out of 103 visited 10% or more of the works. Out of 103 collectors, only 92 claimed that they have sent a monitoring report to the Ministry. This is the condition of the supervision of this scheme in the report as per the available data & information. Status of Works under the Scheme. 68% of the total case, is reported to be completed. While 14% are in progress & about 9% are yet to start while some certain percentage couldn't be known from the authority.




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