Fall in Love at a Young Age: Remember Few Things


There are so many couples in the world who fall in love with each other while in college and complete this love journey by getting married. This journey with each other is definitely memorable for them. But it is not always easy to find a way to reach your goal. So sometimes this love can become a mountain of troubles in our life. Boys and girls who fall in love make decisions with their heart or mind rather than thinking with their head. Which leads to some things that they have to regret for the rest of their lives.


There are some things that need to be taken care of so that this does not happen:


Focusing on the study Most of the boys and girls nowadays fall in love with one of their college friends. The love story that starts from here is full of many adventures and is built-in an emotional bond. So in such a situation, many people start giving more importance to love and relationship than study. This can lead to neglect of their studies and may even affect the result. So try to get maximum marks by keeping a career in front of your eyes. Because a relationship that is fundamentally strong will never break.


To spend money Giving expensive gifts to a loved one, giving a surprise to please a lover, and going for a walk are very common among these couplesBut the most important thing is money! Money is needed for all these things and since college kids don't have money, they are easily dependent on their parents for money. If the parents do not pay, they borrow from friends and when it comes time to repay the amount, a mountain of trouble falls on the couple. So spend as much as you can afford. Otherwise, a relationship based on money does not last long. 


Physical intimacy This story is very sensitive. Physical intimacy is very common for couples in love. But for college kids to do that is like inviting trouble. Because a little carelessness can put girls at risk of getting pregnant and face problems like STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). It can also jeopardize the future. Therefore, it is better to stay away from physical intimacy until you reach the age of marriage or take the relationship to that time!


To take advantage There are many boys and girls in college who start a love affair for their own happiness, for a comfortable life. So there is no love in such relationships and these relationships also break up after college. The one who suffers the most is the one who is truly involved in the relationship. In such cases, things like blackmail and physical abuse often happen and the police have to be called for help. So when you fall in love, find out exactly which person you fall in love with.


The past Don't fall in love because you feel attracted. Get to know all the information about the boy and girl before falling in love. Sometimes false information is put forward to start a relationship so it needs to be verified at the outset. It is also important to inquire about the person's past and the friendships he has with them. Because we are often overwhelmed by the influence of the people around us. Therefore, it is our responsibility to see that it is safe on all sides to strengthen the foundation of the relationship.




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