Know Yourself, Who are You?

Tell me about yourself? It’s a simple question but it’s not easy for most people to answer it. The surprising thing is when you are told to talk about someone else and what you know about them, Oh! Answers start to follow. And this can be even a person you are not close too, it can even be your favorite artist or actor.

So why is it that we know a lot about other people and we know so little or nothing about ourselves? What methods do we use for others that we don’t use for ourselves?

I think the same method you use about knowing other people you should practice them know to know yourself.

In order to know someone you need to be interested in that person, spend time and energy to know them. You will be interested in what they do and what they don’t like. So let’s replace this with knowing you.

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You need to start using time and energy on you. What do you like and don’t like and why? Why do you do the things you do? Take time to find that about yourself. Don’t get so focused on knowing what everyone else is doing and leave the most important person which is You.

Most people get so uncomfortable being alone because they don’t know what to do with themselves. And hey I don’t mean lonely, that’s a completely different word. You can be around people and still feel lonely. I am talking about being happy with and by yourself. Getting to know yourself better. Defining yourself before others put a label on you.

If you don’t take time to know yourself, other people will define you and with no time you will start believing that’s who you are. When you know yourself really well, you will be strong enough to push away any definition of you that’s not true. You will not be swayed by other people’s comments of you.

Before others compliment you, compliment yourself, be proud with yourself, be happy with yourself and accept yourself. It has to start with you.

And here is the thing, you can try to escape everything but not yourself. Because wherever you go you will be there!!!

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