Know What You Want!

The modern young person is a bundle of confusion. He confuses the artificial with the natural, and sophistication with simplicity. He thinks he knows everything about everything. He is cocksure, but in truth, he is totally perplexed. He protests that he can find his own course, but in reality, he is desperately lonely for guidance.


Guidance is essential in choosing a career. Just as when a ship sets out on a voyage to some distant land, the whole trip is marked out on the map, so also one should choose the right goal for oneself and the means to reach it. One should never choose a career haphazardly. It has to be done systematically, and long well-planned lines.


The consequences of choosing at random can be disastrous to the person himself and to society at large. It may be that some friends go about dispensing advice without realizing its consequences. Their immature advice may be taken seriously, and their listeners may act on it only to discover to their disappointment, that they were ill-advised. It is so much better to get help from people who have considerable knowledge of different jobs, and who are experts at comparing them. Youth employment officers, career advisory officers, career masters, and career mistresses will be ready to help you in this way.


Choosing a profession just because it is a good profession is to make a random choice. A profession may be good, but is it good for you? It is good to be a surgeon, but how would you make out as a surgeon.


Choosing for the sake of making money is stupid. Making money alone does not satisfy you as a person. It would not be much better than smuggling, black marketing, or hoarding. Feelings alone will not do unless they are kept under control. The habit of thinking before every act or decision enables man to do what is right and avoid what is wrong. Exercising the mind to think correctly is a good habit.


Hope lies in the youth of this country. The young people today are the parents of tomorrow. They ar4e the salt of the nation. These young people should work hard among the people of the villages, not as masters or benefactors, but as humble servants. They should know what to do how to change their way of living. When choosing your career, pray. Prayer via an important aid in helping you choose the right way. God, our loved father, is right. If we ask him for help and guidance, he will surely show us the way.



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