It is Important for Humans Not to Relate Themselves With Suffering

We usually identify completely with our suffering and become one with it. Yet even when they torment us most, we are not our suffering in the same way that we are not the disease when we are plagued by a disease. Most importantly, to find fulfillment in this life, it is important to understand that suffering is a disease that affects us all in different ways. Yet something remains unchanged at the core of our minds. We must therefore develop an awareness of which aspect of the experience is affected by suffering and which aspect of our mind is unaffected. What burdens us is a series of sensations and thoughts that tend to isolate an aspect of reality that can then become our sole preoccupation, thereby giving it undue importance. In order to get rid of this burden, we need to better understand what remains untouched by suffering within us. Beyond the sensation of pain, there is a simple, peaceful, and attentive presence at the core of our experience.


This presence is not a mysterious entity. Rather, it is the most fundamental quality of our consciousness that enables us to experience the world and ourselves. When we turn to him and dwell in him, this open presence acts as a balm to our torments and enables us to regain inner peace. When faced with strong emotions and sensations, our minds are often deprived of free will. A thorough study of the mechanisms of happiness and suffering and a better understanding of how our mind works, combined with methodical training of that mind, can gradually lead us towards freedom. Events and the behavior of others remain largely beyond our control. However, we can always influence how we experience them. By overcoming our self-centered experience of suffering, a variety of construction projects can be carried out in life, for example by putting ourselves in the service of others.




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