How Social Security is Different From Social Arrangements?

The concept of social security was formulated in 1883 in Germany. Initially, blacksmith, painters, waivers, and other members of trade used to contribute some amount of money for food, hospital, shelter, and funeral expenses of disabled and senior citizens.


After the passage of time, the International Labour Organisation (IHO) explain social security as all COVID measures providing benefit to secure protection from -

(a) Insufficient income which may be caused by sickness, disability, maternity, injury of the employee during his course of work and employment, death of a family member on whom earning of the family was dependent or old age.

(b) Insufficient family support for education or any other facilities of children and adults who are dependent on the family.

(c) Lack of health care facilities which also include affordable medical facilities.

(d) Poverty social and economic backwardness.


So, we can conclude the points which differentiate social security from the social arrangement-

(1) Benefits are provided to those who actually need them and they are not having any obligation to be performed.

(2) Another point of differentiation is that social security is not based on an individual agreement between the person who is protected and the one who protects them.

Therefore, It is the duty of the state to maintain and protect the citizen of their state and to take care of social security. We are a socialist country and the state is required to distribute everything equally and to protect citizens. So it's there a duty to take care of social security.





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